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OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness - is now universally recognized as an effective method of measurement, control and improvement of manufacturing efficiency.
PlantRun offers a complete software and hardware package to automate OEE data collection, processing and reporting and provide a range of benefits including;
  • Eliminates the problems associated with manually collecting OEE information.
  • Fits to any make, type or age of asset – machines, production lines, work cells, even manual assembly
  • Gives you live real time OEE for improved manufacturing management
  • Information can be accessed anywhere on PC’s, tablets and smartphones
  • Large screen KPI displays in production, rest and meeting areas inform and motivate staff
  • Alerts via SMS, email & public address ensure fast response to breakdowns and production disturbances
  • Captures all downtime and all reasons for long stoppages
  • Built in report and analysis tools identify where to target resources for best return
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PlantRun automated OEE monitoring has been proven in use in a wide range of manufacturing sectors. 

Our current users report a typical payback period of under 12 months. PlantRun costs just a fraction of new capital equipment so it makes sound financial sense to implement an OEE system to free up “hidden” capacity first.

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